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Garhwal Himalayas Trekking The land of many possibilities

Garhwal and Kumaon contain some of the finest trekking routes and peak of the Himalayan yet this is an area surprisingly ignored by most western visitors who prefer the better-known regions of Ladakh or Nepal. 

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A classic trek that retraces the pioneering steps of Shipton and Tilman through the Garhwal Himalaya. The Nanda Devi based camp must surely be one of the most legendary regions in the entire Himalayan chain. The mountain itself, revered since time immemorial by all those who live in its shadow,  has long attracted the attention of the pioneering mountaineers and explorers, mystics and spiritualists, writers and everyday travellers who have visited the area.

This classic trek takes us across the picturesque meadows and valleys that border the western edge of the Nanda Devi Sanctuary. The route we follow was used by Shipton and Tilman on their amazing journey to the Nanda Devi basin. During the trek there are many views of the surrounding peaks and the Kuari Pass (3658m) itself has an unrivalled panorama of the Great Himalayan peaks including Nanda Devi (7816m), Changabang (6864m), Doonagiri (7066m) and Kamet (7756m).


This amazing feat of endurance and determination was capped when Tilman later returned to conquer the peak itself. Sadly, the mystic of the area led to an excess of expeditions and ecological damage and the Sanctuary was closed in the 1980's. Investigations are currently underway to assess the recovery. 

Nanda Devi Trekking:


01 Day:: Arrival Delhi. Upon arrival in Delhi ,meeting and assistance and transfer to hotel .Over night at hotel.

02 Day:: Delhi – Rishikesh by Car:  After breakfast at hotel ,drive to Rishikesh via Haridwar, upon arrival visit Ganga Aarti. over night at hotel.

03 Day:: Rishikesh – Gwaldam – Munsiyari by car(2290 m) : After breakfast at hotel ,drive to Munsiyari ,over  night at hotel.

04 Day:: Munsiyari – Lilam by Trekking (1852 m)-13 km : After breakfast at hotel , proceed for trekking with pack launch. Over night in tent.

05 Day::Lilam – Bogudiyar by trekking (2450m) -12 km : After breakfast ,trek to Bogudiyar with pack launch .Over night at tent.

06 Day:: Bogudiyar – Rilkot by trekking(3200 m)-12 km. :After breakfast ,trek to Rilkot with pack launch. Over night at tent.

07 Day:: Rilkot – Martoli – Lawan  by trekking(3324 m) 10 km . : After breakfast ,trek to Martoli village with pack launch. Over night at tent.

08 Day:: Lawan – Shiama kharak - Nandakot (4450 m)-14 km (base camp & snow ridges of Nanda devi) : After breakfast ,trek to Nandakot (Nanda devi) with pack launch, Over night at tent.

09 Day:: Nandakot : After breakfast ,explore the Nanda Devi .Over night at tent.

10 Day:: Nandakot – Lawan by trekking : After breakfast ,trek to lawan with pack launch. Over night at tent.

11 Day::Lawan – Bogudiyar by trekking. : After breakfast ,trek to lawan with pack launch. Over night at tent.

12 Day:: Bogudiyar – Bhui By trekking  : After breakfast ,trek to lawan with pack launch. Over night at tent.

13 Day :: Bhui – Lilam – Munsiyari –Gwaldam. By car.

14 Day:: Gwaldam – Rudraparayag – Rishikesh by car.

15 Day:: Rishikesh – Delhi by car.


Climbing Himalayas,Project

IMF has decided to dispense with charging of Environmental Levy US$ 400 from all foreign expeditions with effect from 14th January 2006.

6000 m Peaks
7000 m Peaks
Above 7000 m Peaks

Bidhan Parvat&Deoban

( 6520 m)
-East Garhwal
Time : May
Duration : 3 weeks  ( ex Delhi )

Satopanth ( 7075 m)
Central Garhwal.
Time :July-August,
Duration: 4 weeks ( ex Delhi)

Mt.Kamet ( 7756 m)
( East Garhwal )
Time : September
Duration : 39 days


Nanda Devi Sanctuary Trekking

»ntroduction : The communities surrounding the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve invite you as their very special guest to share in the grandeur of their blessed mountain home. As part of your virtual tour, make sure to visit each section of this site to understand their struggle for social and environmental justice, stopping finally to support efforts to achieve a sustainable livelihood for the inhabitants of Nanda Devi through community-based eco-tourism.

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- Valley of Flowers Fix Departure

Valley of flowers

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Purity of air, spirituality of mind..Devbhoomi is one of it's kind. Help wild life and nature....!!

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